We believe that through innovation and new ways of thinking it’s possible for business to sit hand in hand with sustainability, environmental protection and if possible, repair.

We are…think of us like an environmentally motivated version of the A-Team, but without being on the run for a crime we didn’t commit. Nothing gets us more excited than environmentally positive business. In all honesty,  we are more likely to car share in a Prius than drive the fuel swigging A-Team van, but there are 5 of us!

We contain numerous and varied skill sets and professional attributes within the group including:

  • corporate law
  • digital marketing
  • future technologies
  • operational and logistics specialists
  • medical science.

It is through these attributes, and those of our affiliates, that we work towards our goal – environmentally responsible, sustainable commerce. As cliched as it sounds, we believe commercial success shouldn’t cost the earth.

Using the UN Sustainable Development Goals to aid our focus, we foster a spirit of innovation and environmentally positive action.

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