So, what do we do?

People often ask what do we do… The acorn that has grown into Faunus germinated from this quote:

“For conservation to stand a chance, there has to be a profit in it. The bigger the profit, the greater the good you will do”.

Firstly, we believe that commercialism and environmentalism shouldn’t be enemies. In fact, the closer they sit to one another the better it is for us all. So secondly, that’s our mission, to introduce the two and help them remain best of friends.

As a result, as well as developing and bringing to market our own visions and ideas, we also help grow and invest in other projects. Because these ideas fit our criteria and adhere to our environmental policies, it means we help them to innovate and make their mark.

Bringing our collective knowledge and experience together, gives a broad range of skills to your projects. Support can be very direct or more ‘hands off’ as required. However, you can see for yourself, we are very proud of the bespoke and innovative businesses we have worked with or created so far.

So, what do we do?

Our initial success can be demonstrated by these wonderful, thriving, sustainable businesses:


It’s also important that we practice what we preach:

  • Our staff are paid a Living Wage.
  • Planning to reduce use of resources with low impact choices e.g. not keeping office premises.
  • Sourcing via The Green Stationery Company for our supplies and using other small and/or local businesses.
  • Using Ecosia for our online research.
  • Regularly reviewing and improving our choices.
  • Taking the SDG’s as a healthy guide to our practice.

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